Things To Do Immediately About Houston Movers

We got me going three months in a failed partnership this was a huge learning for me so as the company was getting going I had found a professor in the space that we worked in and for three months I tried to partner with him because if we were able to actually put that together Houston Movers.

Houston Movers

It would ‘ve been a really powerful combo for taking what we were doing and commercializing spent grand on lawyer fees months of time multiple flights like everything I could do to try and get this going and it ultimately failed it was a huge distraction for the company and for me in hindsight and the reason that failed is because in the first two weeks Houston Movers.

I didn’t have the conversation about aligning what we were trying to do I kind of saw the world in a slightly different way than he saw the world which we didn’t really realize initially but after three months it became obvious that you know there wasn’t a way to work together and I tell you that so that as you guys approach people to partner with our team members like in that first week have that like super Frankston about what you guys are out to achieve Houston Movers.

Houston Movers

Because like that stuff will bite you in the ass later so do have that an emotional roller coaster coming off of a failed partnership coming off of the fact that habit formation technology wasn’t necessarily the right hypothesis you know the last six or seven months the filament labs were incredibly bumpy for my partner and we are a healthcare IT company we sell to enterprises and if you don’t have your product totally right or your assumptions totally right Houston Movers.

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